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Thessaloniki, Greece

Second largest city in Greece

Population: 325 000


Thessaloniki underwent a major wave of de-industrialization during the period 1988-2002. The economic crisis of 2009 and the refugee crisis of 2015 created additional and very pressing economic, social and environmental challenges for the city. Due to the ongoing unfavourable external conditions, today the city is compelled to operate under very difficult circumstances, including minimal public spending on social services on the side of the Greek state, as well as broader social and urban problems such as unemployment, poverty, brain drain, ghettoization and urban decay.

Our vision

Thessaloniki is home to vibrant digital start-up community and has an open and co-creative culture for social innovation and urban development. It also has solid strategic visions for waste management and urban resilience (social, economic, environmental). But the context of economic austerity, declining economic activity, increasing unemployment, brain drain pose significant pressures on the city’s open culture and creative dynamics. Thus, through Pop-Machina, we aim to generate new employment opportunities, promote civic innovation and experiment with do-it-yourself urbanism and in the context of the circular economy.

Circular Makerspace in Thessaloniki

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